universeOS - The first social webOS

The universeOS is a browser-based web operating system. It provides all the functions of an operation system without being bound to a single device. You can access and organize all your information and files from every browser in the world. In fact, the universeOS is much more than that. It is a pool of information and a place to share files and media. Every member of the universeOS is able to upload, share, rank and comment files of the public file system. Through user profiles, groups, scoring and many other different functions, the universeOS provides all the features of a social network. The security and anonymity of our users are really important to us, we mean it. Your user data will not be monitored or saved at any point. Only cookies are saved locally. A password protected encryption for every single item in the universeOS makes sure nobody – not even us – can see what you are doing, unless you want them to.

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